Costa Rica is becoming major holiday destination

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the major Central American holidaymaker destinations with more than 2 million people per year, half the Costa Rican population, coming to this paradise. Recently the Costa Rican ICT (Tourism Board) stated that Costa Rica took over while the no. 1 holiday destinations for North Americans, over using the long reigning Hawaii. This is the result of the 3 year long costa rica search engine optimization campaign for Costa Rica so that the world may know of this location.

However it is time for folks to know you will want to to visit paradise and seek elsewhere for their 2008 holiday.

Constantly one hears main reasons why ‘you should’ try this or why you ‘must do that’ however Costa Rica Holiday takes a look at 10 humorous reasons that the traveler must not come near Costa Rica.

Travelers shouldn’t arrive at Costa Rica if they are allergic to beautiful days with clear blue skies, hot sun rather than a cloud coming soon or have Xeroderma Pigmentosum.. It really is commonly known that many UK residents are not familiar with the sun it is therefore urged that tourists are cautious when experiencing such a day for the first time, they could end up with a severe case associated with the “I do not wish to go homes.” Or “I’ve lost my memory, I don’t know where I came from, I’ll need to stay here for ever!” As readers can see they are very serious conditions, which means that tourists may wish to avoid these stunning days and spend them regarding the cool, cloudy, dirty beaches associated with UK in order to prevent becoming dependent on the sunlight!

At least do some SEO online research before coming down to Costa Rica !

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